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5eleven Palafox is a venue well known for its beautiful outdoor courtyard and indoor historic space located in downtown Pensacola. This summer the crew at 5eleven were on a mission to complete their newest addition, the upstairs bridal suite where the bride can get ready and relax in the luxurious space overlooking downtown Pensacola. They […]


September 6, 2019

5eleven Palafox Bridal Suite | Sneak Previews | Ps Cobia Photography

5eleven palafox bridal suite
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Ps Cobia Photography | Springdale, UT | July 2019 Utah. Only one of my favoritest places on the planet. Every time I boast about it, I always get raised eyebrows like, “Uhh… Why Utah?” Well, the photos I am about to share are about to explain why. This whole trip was a 30th birthday celebration for […]


August 27, 2019

5 Days of Utah | Ps Cobia Photography

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Kristina + Cody | 07.20.19 | Jupiter Florida Maternity Some people just have it. I don’t mean looks [which Kristina does obviously]. But some people have that aura. That positive aura that makes you lift your chin and want. to. be. better. To make a difference in some way. While pregnant with her second child, […]


August 8, 2019

Jupiter Florida Maternity | Wahine Warriors | Ps Cobia Photography

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  Yes, I am a wedding and portrait photographer who is obsessed with national parks, traveling, and is married with child – but what else? There has got to be more to this filipino chick who likes to takes photos. So here are a few tid bits that you may, or may not have known […]


July 17, 2019

9 Things Most People Don’t Know About Me | Pensacola Wedding Photographer | Ps Cobia Photography

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Sydney + James | 07.01.19 | Pensacola Beach Engagement  I honestly haven’t blogged an engagement session in a while, but after photographing these two – it had to be done. You’ll see why.     CANNOT EVEN WAIT to photograph you two beautiful souls again for your wedding day!   Photography: Ps Cobia Photography   


July 9, 2019

Pensacola Beach Engagement | Sydney + James | Ps Cobia Photography

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Sophia + Winston | 06.15.19 | Downtown Pensacola My absolute favorite part about shooting weddings is getting to know the bride and groom. From engagement shoot, to bridal portraits to the wedding – I feel like I really got a chance to really know and love Sophia & Winston. At our first meeting, I got […]


July 5, 2019

Palafox Wharf Waterfront | Pensacola FL | Sophia & Winston | Ps Cobia Photography

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Styled Shoot | June 5 2019 | Downtown Pensacola, FL Every bride known to man prays for no rain on their wedding day. But why? The very essence of a rainy day spells R.O.M.A.N.C.E. The sound of raindrops outside the window. The cool feel it has as it touches your skin. The closeness it brings. […]


June 28, 2019

Rainy Day Romance at 5eleven Palafox | Ps Cobia Photography

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5eleven Palafox | Pensacola, FL | Molly & Dan| 04.20.19 “Holy moly, are they a fake couple?” This is probably what people say when they see Molly & Dan together. But actually no. They are a real couple that met through mutual friends years back and are the most beautiful & humble people imaginable. Molly, […]


May 8, 2019

5eleven Palafox Wedding Pensacola | Ps Cobia Photography

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Live Oak Plantation | Pensacola, FL | Liz & Destin | 03.15.19 Harry Potter. Extreme Sarcasm. Star Wars. the BUBBLE-LEE-EST laughs. and so. much. freaking. LOVE. YES. That is how I would describe Liz & Destin in a few words. We set up for their first look and as Destin’s back was turned, we (including […]


March 29, 2019

Live Oak Plantation Wedding | Pensacola FL | Liz & Destin | Ps Cobia Photography

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Alison + Sean | 11.10.18 | Hermitage-Rippy Estate Mobile, AL I get a lot of questions of how majority of my couples meet. The answers I get are mutual friends, family introduced, etc. But the number one answer is – that’s right – they swiped right. We are in the era where finding a compatible […]


December 13, 2018

Mobile Wedding at the Hermitage-Rippy Estate | Ps Cobia Photography