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Lincoln Park Valparaiso, FL | Stephanie + Ryan | 05. 04.19 So you see. If you don’t understand Florida weather, let me explain. It can be a sunny and bright day then pouring rain. Then sunny again. And repeat. Well that is exactly how the forecast was for Stephanie and Ryan’s big day. As the […]


May 21, 2019

Lincoln Park Wedding in Valparaiso | Ps Cobia Photography

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Innerarity Point | Pensacola, FL | Savannah & Connor | 03.23.19 Innerarity is a small part of town where one thinks, “Oh yeah, that one road to the right going toward the beach. Theres a Hubs.” This private location wedding was much more than what I expected of Innerarity. Think plantation home from The Notebook. […]


April 7, 2019

Innerarity Point Wedding | Pensacola FL | Savannah & Connor | Ps Cobia Photography

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Jessica & Brent | 09.23.18 | Panama City, FL As Jessica was finishing her final touches in her Panama City Beach house, a man walked into her room and straight to the connecting bathroom. I asked Jessica, “Who is that?” She replied, “Oh thats Brent, the husband to be.” It took me a second to […]


October 20, 2018

Intimate Panama City Beach Elopement | Ps Cobia Photography

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Lindsay & Chelsea | 08.11.18 | Pensacola Beach, FL “So who ever made up the rule to not see each other the morning of your wedding? I mean, this is torture!” That right there was Lindsay. Lindsay just telling it like it is while getting her makeup done, wanting today to be just like any […]


August 30, 2018

Bohemian Pensacola Beach Wedding | Ps Cobia Photography

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Taylor & Will | 05. 03. 17 | Pensacola, FL I was going through my older work and stumbled upon this gem. This engagement shoot is one that is┬átruly┬ánear and dear to my heart. This couple is not only one of my favorite couples in the world, but this engagement shoot – til this day […]

Engagements, Personal

June 10, 2018

An Oldie but FAVORITE | Ps Cobia Photography

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Sarah & Hunter | 04.12.18 | Downtown Pensacola, FL I walked into the pristine Suite Shoppe and the house echoed with laughter. Walking toward the end of the house, I found the bride, Sarah, sipping a mimosa and laughing at her animated flower girl. Right then and there I realized that this was not going […]


May 6, 2018

Intimate Pensacola Wedding | Ps Cobia Photography